Kid Rock Lyrics

Because the hours are NOT torn later!

The Bootleg Tapes were a series of audio cassette tapes Kid Rock produced and sold in the mid 1990s to raise money for Early Morning Stoned Pimp.
Each page includes a link to a YouTube video of these songs as well as lyrics (lyrics are in progress on some)


July 1994 Tape

* Mom And Dad I Use Drugs
* Prodigal Son (Mayhem Mix)
* Krack Rocks (Krack Rocks featuring Uncle Kracker)
* It's Still East Detroit To Me
* August Preview

August 1994 Tape

* Ya Keep On
* Balls In Your Mouth (Head Mix)
* Dark And Grey
* Back From The Dead (Live in 1992)

September 1994 Tape

* St8 Dogg
* Rollin On The Island
* Oedipus Intro into Rain Check
* Eden Revisited

(St8 Dogg was by WAKO Squad and Eden Revised by Tyrone Power Wheels, Rollin On The Island ft Wes Chill and Prince Vince)

October/November 1994 Tape

* 4 My Niggaz
* Plastic People
* Watch Me Come
* Green
* Classic Kid Rock Hip Hop Mix
(4 My Niggaz was by WAKO Squad and Green was by Space Station)

December 1994 Tape

* Tin Can People
* Classic Rock
* I Am The Bullgod (Talkbox)
* Something I Scratch On

(Tin Can People is by Uncle Kracker)

March 1995 Tape

* Untitled
* Only A Dog
* Box # 10
* Not Yet Done

(Untitled became Paid and Not Yet Done is by Whirling Wind Road)

Kid Rock Lyrics

Kid Rock Lyrics

Kid Rock Lyrics