Kid Rock Lyrics

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Yo-Da-Lin in the Valley
Genuine Article
Cramp Ya Style
New York's Not My Home
Super Rhyme Maker
With a One-Two
Wax the Booty
Pimp of the Nation
Abdul Jabar Cut
Step In Stride
The Upside
Style of X-Pression
Trippin' Over a Rock

Kid Rock Lyrics

SPECIAL THANX 2: Your mama, Romeo High School for 3 solid years
of a Big Joke, the World Champion Detroit PIstons, all the gay men in
the world--just more girls 4 me, and all U 2-faced, fake ass,
backwards country fu--s who hate Kid Rock... BLOW ME

EXTRA SPECIAL THANX to you closed-minded bastards who wouldn't let us
sample your ancient, crusty-ass music. What's the worst
that could of happened? You could have made some money. And on the
serious tip, if you think about it, sampling compliments your
music and brings the two generations that are so far apart closer together.
We recycle everything else in this world: why not recycle music?
Get with the times, you fu--in' assholes.

Kid Rock Lyrics