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Because the hours are NOT torn later!

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Killin' Brain Cells
Prodigal Son
The Cramper
Three Sheets to the Wind
Fuck U Blind
Back From the Dead
My Oedipus Complex
Balls in Your Mouth
Trippin' With Dick Vitale
TV Dinner
Pancake Breakfast
Blow Me
In So Deep
U Don't Know Me

Kid Rock Lyrics

[from the CD notes for The Polyfuze Method:]
All compositions introduced, pre-produced, shit on,
shit out, and given birth to by Kid Rock & his clique
of hicks at "Dick Cubak (P.I.) Headquarters" in East Detroit,
Michigan, and Carl and Ed's house of high rollers
in Brooklyn, New York. (hola!)

Produced by D-Square, Kid Rock and Mike E. Clark

All loops, scratches, and vocals by Kid Rock.

Mixed by D-Sqare [sic] and Kid Rock, except Track #15 by Kid Rock,
& track #16 by D-Square & Mike E. Clark. All songs written by R.J.
Ritchie excpet tracks #3, 8, 9, 15 by R.J Ritchie and Chris Peters.
Additional lyrics on 'Pancake Breakfast,' 'Blow Me,' 'Desperate-Rado' by Charlie Valentine.

*There were two versions of this album; The Polyfuze Method (1993) and The Polyfuze Method Revisited (1997)

Link to the Hair Club for Men commercial, check out the sample at the :50 mark where it mentions the "Polyfuze Method." This commercial was also sampled in TV Dinner.

Kid Rock Lyrics